Joe walsh - the best of joe walsh

Joseph Fidler Walsh wasn’t always a highflying Eagle y’know. Back in the day his brilliant guitar playing and often witty showmanship graced the unfairly overlooked James Gang, a five piece band that soon became a superb power trio with drummer Jim Fox and bassist Dale Peters watching on in awe as Joe hotwired his lead to create an overdrive attack sound that became his trademark. The James Gang rocked it out of Cleveland, Ohio for several years and worked closely with producer Bill Szymczyk, helping him to become a go to console master for a variety of hard rock groups that include The J. Geils Band and, latterly, The Eagles. Walsh and co became a huge draw in their adopted Mid West and opened for The Who , Led Zeppelin, Three Dog Night and Humble Pie and were never disgraced – often doing enough to make the stars of the evening look  over their shoulders. With Joe on board the Gang released their renegade rock masterpieces Yer Album , …Rides Again , Thirds and the Live In Concert (Carnegie Hall) disc. All these albums are highly recommended and are instrumental in shaping the career of Walsh as he goes solo and gradually becomes a superstar. With his band Barnstorm (though this is always Joe’s thing) he began to slowly build momentum, first with a self-titled band album , then with the mystical breakthrough convolutions of The Smoker You Play, The Drinker You Get – including the smash hit single Rocky Mountain Way’ whose slow phased boogie inspired many an aspiring bedroom guitar hero wannabe to dust his or her broom.

Joe Walsh - The Best Of Joe WalshJoe Walsh - The Best Of Joe WalshJoe Walsh - The Best Of Joe WalshJoe Walsh - The Best Of Joe Walsh