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 · With everyone seeing Insidious Chapter 2 this weekend I thought we could count down 15 other ghost stories to keep up at night. It is interesting that a l

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Fred and the others appear and the Black Knight knocks out Fred. Daphne picks up an axe and battles the Black Knight, vandalizing Wickles' house in the process, all the while Velma scans the book for his weakness. The Black Knight beats Daphne but Velma finds his weak spot and kick him in the "round tables" as the Black Knight cries.

The mass-production of textiles is linked to the development of machinery around 1840, which replaced time-consuming handmade items. The same machinery provided ready-made clothing to everyone and changed fashion, which was, prior to that time, reserved only for the very wealthy; everyone else wore homemade items and hand-me-downs. Around 1850, household textiles were available to the emerging middle classes, which sought decorative help and advice from drapers, decorators and architects to marry architectural styles with window coverings. Lace curtains, which became “net” or “sheer” curtains, became staples of every home to maintain privacy as towns and houses grew increasingly dense, with homes being developed closer together in the footprints established by town planners of older cities. For curtain architectural styles and window treatments at this point, the more elaborate and ornate, the better!

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Because of a perfectly placed ball to Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini and some impeccable timing by AP photographer Boris Grdanoski at the UEFA Super Cup, the world has been blessed with this holy image of the beautiful game.

Major Vin Cooper is 'babysitting' some famous American Rappers flying into Rwanda to entertain troops. Their helicopter crashes over the border in the DRC and they find themselves trapped between two warring factions.

The Don CeSar hotel in St. Pete Beach, Florida, was built by Thomas Rowe and named for a character in the opera Maritana . Rowe had attended the opera during his time as a student in London, and he fell head over heels for its star, a Spanish aristocrat named Lucinda. They regularly met at a fountain in the city and made plans to sail to America and be married. But Lucinda’s parents didn’t approve of their romance and took her back to Spain. He wrote her faithfully, but his letters were returned unopened. Only one letter of Lucinda’s ever reached Rowe. “Time is infinite,” she wrote. “I wait for you by our fountain … to share our timeless love, our destiny is time.” According to legend, Lucinda died of a broken heart; Rowe, who said he would never love anyone else, would go on to build his hotel. It was completed in 1928 and features an exact replica of the fountain where the lovebirds spent happier times. Rowe’s ghost has been spotted on the beach, on the hotel’s fifth floor and in the lobby, and in the garden, where he is sometimes seen holding the hand of a woman believed to be Lucinda.

Team Ghost - CurtainsTeam Ghost - CurtainsTeam Ghost - CurtainsTeam Ghost - Curtains